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Behavioural Science in Safety. Leveraging behavioural science, can help restructure the perception of compliance.

Christian is a thought leader in behavioural science and compliance. He has 25 years of experience working in financial services.

Data becomes truly transformational when it’s managed in a holistic way, contributing to consistently better evidence, understanding and opportunities to improve. Yet a surprisingly low number of companies take full advantage of their data.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In the 1930’s, Taiichi Ohno, a Japanese employee of Toyota, introduced the philosophy of “Muda” to the automobile company and its production lines. These changes led to the creation of the Toyota Production System, transforming Toyota into a 20th century giant.

Poor implementation and communication make change processes fail, unnecessarily wasting time, resources and money. So, how can companies embrace the change and successfully unlock the benefits that SaaS can deliver?

H&S practitioners that we speak to often share a quandary they face in encouraging safer practices; how do you get people to really think about the risks they are confronting?

Burnout is real and has become an everyday issue in many sectors, causing risks of hypertension, sleep disturbance, depression and substance abuse.

This webinar will focus on realistic solutions organisations have adopted to manage burnout amongst Health & Safety practitioners.

Consumed by the pandemic and now the Ukraine conflict, how can organisations prepare for the next crisis?

Introducing our Data Analytics module, designed to boost improve organisational performance and safety.

Risk assessment will continue to form a key component of risk management and crisis resilience in 2022 and beyond.  Download our free ‘Ukraine Deployment’ sample RA report.

HSE professionals are seeking a collaborative risk assessment process that reduces repetitive tasks and frees up time to focus on managing safety issues. Digitalisation is the way forward.

What are the major events and trends we expect for 2022? How are the threats to journalist safety evolving? Our 2022 Journalist Safety Outlook Report highlights some key geopolitical themes to watch out for in the year ahead.

In Arthur J. Gallagher’s technical bulletin for Higher Education, RiskPal founder, Colin Pereira, assesses the fundamental role risk assessment plays in travel management and how digital solutions are enabling universities to adopt more holistic risk management.

In the final part of the ISO 31030 travel risk management series, Tom Bacon, RiskPal’s COO, shares how a quick infographic that highlights how RiskPal can help organisations meet their objectives.