NGO Risk Management Service

Empowering the Caretakers in NGOs and Humanitarian Organisations.

NGOs and humanitarians often operate in diverse and complex environments. Duty of care is paramount. RiskPal’s unique risk assessment software and risk management expertise help NGOs ensure the safety of their people and the resilience of their operations.

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Limited budget, a lack of time and expertise can make risk assessment a daunting prospect. 

RiskPal offers extensive safety guidance, with experts always on hand so that you can focus on your core mission.  



NGOs navigate complex legal, cyber, regulatory and third-party risks, on top of their duty of care obligations. 

RiskPal provides access to industry best practice risk assessment templates to help you stay compliant. 



NGOs often work in complex geopolitical environments including conflict zones and disaster-prone areas.  

RiskPal gives your people access to extensive safety protocols for a range of scenarios, improving their safety. 

RiskPal Can Help You With Your NGO Risk Assessment

Digital Risk Assessment Platform Tailored to Your Organisation

Our digital risk assessment software empowers NGOs to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks to their personnel and operations at home and abroad. Key features include:

  • Easy Risk Management Processes: Simply your risk management processes with easy collaboration, oversight and a streamlined approval process. 
  • Customisable Risk Assessment Templates: Access industry best practice risk assessment templates which can be tailored to your needs.
  • Knowledge Base: Draw on RiskPal’s expertise via the built in safety guidance and detailed country profiles.
  • Analytics: Get a granular understanding of the risks your people face and strengthen your insurance documentation.

Expert Security Consulting for NGOs and Humanitarian Organisations

RiskPal offers expert security consulting services by a team of experienced security professionals with extensive experience in risk management and crisis response. Our consulting services include:

  • Trip Planning and Journey Management: On-call consultancy to advise on your risk assessments and deployment support.
  • Incident Response: Crisis support and preventive crisis management training to respond to incidents and emergencies.
  • Risk Management Audits: Benchmark your policies and processes against industry best practices and peers to achieve best-in-class standards.

Make safety simple with RiskPal, your trusted risk management partner.

Trusted By

“RiskPal has given us a digital risk assessment solution that is intuitive, efficient and easy to use. The students have quickly embraced it in their work and collaboration between team members has improved.”

Bex Hopkins

Head of Production Management, The National Film and Television School (NFTS)

We have benefited from the ease of the platform when planning logistically difficult production travel. RiskPals advisors are always incredibly helpful in providing their expertise to ensure risk assessments are thorough and that the team is aware of all safety options and precautions. Technical support is also available… this is especially helpful when working with freelancers.

Cheree Houston

Production Manager

Using a cloud-based system means you spend your time thinking about your specific project rather than constantly updating old forms. The system offers up practical advice on how to mitigate risks, while also giving you the option to add your own protocols for more specific tasks.

Andy Lee

Series Producer Unreported World, ITN

RiskPal is our trusted risk management partner. Their expertise in developing comprehensive risk assessments, which take into account our organization’s unique inherent risks, and assisting in the formulation of our internal risk policies, including our Duty of Care policy, has been invaluable to our operations. With their professional and meticulous approach, RiskPal has consistently delivered exceptional results, making them an essential asset in ensuring the safety and success of our organization.

Michelle Stone

Associate Operations Coordinator, The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED)

We turned to RiskPal to help us set up the largest and most elaborate security operation we have ever had for a major news assignment and they did not let us down: within days we had a growing team of high-quality security advisers, supporting us on this [Ukraine] dangerous story. RiskPal stepped up and delivered in the face of enormous challenges.

General Manager

Global Logistics & Security, Global News Agency

We appreciate the support and reassurance that RiskPal gives in helping us to make our productions as safe as possible. We would recommend working with them.

Eddie Morgan

Executive Producer, Northern Town

RiskPal has helped us effectively manage our risk assessment process. It’s been easy to integrate and adapt to our internal operations and our evolving health, safety and travel requirements.


Global financial news organisation

“I have never completed and had a risk assessment approved so quickly before!”

Africa Correspondent

Global financial news organisation

“RiskPal (…) allows our teams to quickly create a risk assessment in a few clicks for a simple shoot, yet it can be tailored easily for bespoke situations.”

Michael Byrne

Group Head of Health & Safety, News UK

“RiskPal reassures me as a manager. I know my team has the best practice guidance before any task. So they behave more safely and at the same time there is little bureaucratic headache.”

Delilah Jeary

Series Producer, ITV News

Benefits of Partnering with RiskPal

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