RiskPal: New Features Released

We listen. We react. We improve.

At RiskPal, user feedback drives our business. We are not limited to customer satisfaction surveys and transactional account management; we work collaboratively with users to continually improve RiskPal features and user experience.

So what does this mean?

User feedback shapes our roadmap and recent developments illustrate this:

You said: “we need better collaboration tools and greater oversight of who has contributed to the risk assessment.”

We built better shared editorial functionality and a clear change log that demonstrates every step of the risk assessment journey.

You said: “I want an easy way to distinguish between live, future and historic projects.”

We introduced new filters into the risk assessment register giving you quick access to all projects based on their time and approval status.


You said: “we need to be able to easily review and approve risk assessments on mobiles and on the go.”

We transformed our mobile user interface to allow edits, communications and approvals via mobiles.

When using RiskPal, you help to transform risk assessments and build a sustainable safety culture in your organisation.

Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo.

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